Apple Festival Breaks Records


Thousands Visit Monroe Green

The saying is “Build it and they will come”.  The parishioners of St. Peter’s Church on the Green did just that when it came to this year’s Apple Festival, and “they” came – by the thousands with  dogs, friends, babies and spouses. They came walking, hopping on crutches, riding in little red wagons and fancy strollers. Even Mother Nature cooperated by adding cobalt skies and cottony clouds making it a New England hometown festival gone perfect! Pastor Kurt Huber only had time to wave as he jogged past and around the advancing pedestrians on his way back to the church kitchen for more  supplies.

Every year on the first weekend after Labor Day, St Peter’s Church holds its annual Apple Festival. Craft vendors from all over the Northeast set up tents on the historical Monroe Green to sell everything from handmade doll clothes to crafted jewelry and painted birdhouse. There are games for kids, tons of great food on the grill and apples prepared every which way -  apple pies, caramel apples, apple strudel, the event’s signature Apple Crisp a la mode,  plus baskets of  fresh apples – green, yellow and red. It’s a wonderful place to sit on a bale of hay and take in Monroe Americana, listen to the steel band and try the maple-sugar cotton candy

A knee injury didn't keep this student from from enjoying the Apple Festival.

Concrete Restoration Services brought this people magnet to draw customers.

Everybody wanted to pet the baby goats.

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An Apple Fest worker (Right) takes  an order for Apple Crisp a la mode. The line was some 30-feet long.

Hannah Forte, a student at  Won's Taekwondo Academy, demonstrating her skill, breaks the boards.