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After nearly 25 years commuting to NYC  and working in the chaotic world of  hedge funds and investment banking,  Jeff Rairan found himself struggling to find purpose and value in his job.  He also was failing to prioritize his own physical well- being.  At a crossroads, he decided  it was time to make a change, personally and professionally. The end result of that decision was his purchase of  Koko FitClub of Monroe.

“I knew I had found something I could be passionate about”, he said smiling. As the member of another KoKo Fit franchise, he had studied the fitness model and had personally seen the physical changes in his own body. Now he wants to bring his successes to others in Monroe and the surrounding area.

“I look forward to getting to know each of my members better and moving forward on this journey of health and wellness.”

KoKo Fit Club is not your ordinary gym. “It’s a Digital Gym”, explained Jeff, “where we leverage technology in a fun and easy way  to help set up and guide the personal wellness path of each member- you are never alone here at Koko!  Personal trainers are on hand to assist, energize and applaud your progress.”

In 45-minutes a member can complete a full workout geared to his/her personal fitness profile and goals. Their battle cry?  “STAY KOKO STRONG!”

Drop in soon for a free consultation and introduction to the KoKo Fit way.  Try the “30 days for $30 dollars” Special.  You won’t be disappointed! 

Jeff is a lifelong CT resident. He is married to Missy and has two children, Chloe (13) and Zach (10), plus a rescue dog, Flash. He’s avid golfer and loves the outdoors.

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