Monroe Animal Care & Control (MACC)




Monroe is fortunate to have an animal control unit as a branch of its Police Department. The officers are appointed and supervised by Chief John Salvatore in conjunction with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Agriculture. It is comprised of one full-time officer, Ed Risko (at right) an expert in both wild and domestic animal behavior and five part-time officers, who administer and enforce the laws pertaining to animals.

The staff runs a no-kill facility for dumped and lost pets, seeking out their owners and finding new ones when necessary. Perhaps their most well-known rescue and subsequent adoption was a large black and white dog they dubbed Prancer (due to his gait and the fact that he was dumped by two men around Christmastime). Due to Risko’s socialization of the canine, he was adopted and is now a Service Dog and people magnet around Monroe.

MACC protects Monroe’s residents, pets and livestock from wildlife through education and tries to protect the wildlife from humans continually encroaching upon  their territory with alerts, warnings, action and more education.

Monroe is home to black bears, coyotes, bobcats, fisher cats, raccoons, beaver, snapping turtles, squirrels, chipmunks, waterfowl, bats, snakes and lizards. among other species. The MACC team aids sick or injured animals. Immature wild animals found abandoned or hurt are transported to State licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators.



MACC is required to impound stray, unlicensed, roaming dogs, or animals found injured on the roadways. Dog licenses are required by the state as a rabies deterrent. It is illegal to dump pets in Monroe. Owners with pet problems may contact MACC  to discuss their options.

Pets up for adoption can be viewed by the public daily from 8:30 a.m. through 11:00 a.m., or
by appointment (call 203-452-3760). For wildlife cautions and fact sheets and  dog license applications visit  their website.

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