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Watch the NEW Pictorial Directory grow.  Browse through Monroe's business community.  See who's making what (Monroe has many manufacturers),  who's selling retail, who's in the Monroe professional community and who's offering what services. There are over 1000 businesses in Monroe worth knowing about.  We're reaching out to all of them. Check out the growing number of pages on Monroe's local, non-profit organizations and churches.
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October's Contest

It's Halloween, and Monroe's witch has lost her black cat. He's prowling through the Pictorial Pages (identified by their logos in the alphabetized listings). Find him and be the 13th person to email proof you did, and you win $20, For proof click on the cat. If it's the witch's cat, you will be magically transported to a page with a secret Code. Follow the instructions and email the code to EyeOnMonroe. Maybe the number 13 will be lucky for you.